Children and Youth

See Classes for Adults for information about 2017 Watercolor Classes for youth 4th grade and up and for adults.

Contact Glenda to learn more about private art lessons in her home:

Youth: Clouds in the Sky
  • A positive and affirming atmosphere
  • A variety of mediums:
    • Clay sculpting
    • Drawing with pencil, charcoal, oil pastel
    • Painting with watercolor and tempera paints
    • Collage
    • Cartooning
    • Special projects.
  • Encouragement of creativity and problem solving
  • Experimentation with new and challenging approaches
  • Practice of age appropriate artistic skills and techniques
  • A variety of subject matter: animals, people, still life, landscape…plus images from the imagination

Schedule and Fees at Glenda’s Home Art Studio:

Youth: Painted Clay Pot
    Private Lessons—$25.00 per hour, scheduled at your convenience.

Contact me to ask any questions, or if you are interested in group classes.Youth: Class Sculpture—Cat Fish


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