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 Watercolor painting…what an experience!

Vibrant, jewel-toned colors. The invitation of a blank sheet of watercolor paper. Brushes of varied shapes and sizes. Unpredictable water. An unlimited supply of subject matter.

I love the joy of dipping a brush into water, then into my paint-filled ice-cube tray, and then onto the surface of the paper made especially for watercolor paint. While I do value- and color-studies of my paintings ahead of time, there is still plenty of room for surprises and happy accidents because watercolors never behave exactly like I think they will.

My painter’s heart responds to scenes directly before my eyes which I paint on site, or photograph and then paint later; readings from poetry, devotional writings, or scripture; the events, dreams and emotions of life. Who could ever run out of ideas for paintings?

Painting Spirit

Painting Brush, you sweep into my life with hues of faceted color,
Indiscernible to me until I stand back and relish Your painted creation:
Yellow as the sun’s rising, glowing—spreading
Red as the fruited cherry, rounded—tasteful
Blue as the cloudless sky, clearing—translucent.
My Spirit responds!
I abruptly rise, my senses awakened
my powers unveiled.
My Spirit now painting, painting, weaving magical colors
Seeing in the mundane
beauty unfolding
Expressing the real, the unreal, the wished, the whimmed.
Multiplying the creative joy found in a Spirit painting
Unleashed by divine love and grace
Sent by Painting Brush to be
A Painting Spirit.

—Glenda Dietrich Moore

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